Friends, Neighbors, Super Fans everywhere this is episode 18! This week we get to start the show with a big announcement. We get to have our first professional athletes on the show next week. THATS RIGHT! The superstars of the Micro Wrestling Federation will join us for a few minutes next week. (I am beyond excited to have them on the show)

At the end of the first segment I had to step out for a few minutes and I left Wes to run things while I was gone. Well, not only did we have our first caller, but Wes says it was Tom Brady. Turns out Tom is a big fan of the show and was very upset I had to step out.

Both Wes and I predict the Warriors to finish the NBA season as champs.

Finally… Why are the baseball execs trying to change the game? I don’t think there is anything wrong with it.

Thanks for being a Super Fan!

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This week starts with a question… Are you a flats guy or a drums guy. I am a flats guy for some reason they are easier and cleaner to eat. Wes, however, is a drums guy. I feel like I might be the in the minority on this one, but at least I’m not an under! We also recap the fantasy Baseball showdown between Wes and I. Last week my team was dominating, but after the show the score swung the other way and Wes was dominating. But in the end some how, it ended in a tie 8-8. It was an epic battle and probably a playoff preview.

Next, both NBA conference finals are tied 2-2. This got me thinking what is the most vital game in a best of 7 series? We both agree that all odd numbered games are more important than the even numbers. Wes went with game 3, but I think its game 5. We also, discussed ESPN’s 2018 World Fame 100. This is a list of the 100 most famous athletes in the world. How is there not 1 baseball player on this list? I get that it’s not the most popular sport,  but you have 2 table tennis players and a badminton player on the list. There is no way they make the list and someone like Mike Trout doesn’t. 

Finally we have a quick Bar Room Debate. What are the 3 best and 3 worst songs with names in them. Have a listen and let us know what your top and bottom songs would be.

Thanks for listening!

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Friends, neighbors, (Austin) Super Fans everywhere… This is Episode 16. This week starts with one of the most controversial subjects of all time! Do you hear Yanni? Or do you hear Laural?  It’s unanimous with Wes and I! We hear Laural. Wes even goes as fas as to say if you hear Yanni your more than likely an under. Also, irregardless is a word?

This week Wes and I are head to head in fantasy baseball, and well lets just say the fantasy gods are smiling on me! Even though the score is closer than it appears I’m dominating the game.

The NBA is in the conference finals! It’s only 2 games in and everyone is already counting  LeBron out? It’s LeBron! It’s not over. Also, I think I could lead the Golden State Warriors to the Championship without Steve Kerr. Yeah I said it! That team runs itself. I wouldn’t even need to do anything.

As always Super Fans thanks for listening!

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Friends, neighbors, Super Fans everywhere This is Episode 15! After a week off the Super Fans are back with a brand new show!

This week we discuss some of our favorite things about the Kentucky Derby. I mean what’s not to like? Am I right? The hats, the mint juleps, the horse names. I mean come on it’s awesome. Wes also tries to guess between actual derby horse names or a name that I made up.

This week the two best teams in baseball have a 3 game series and they just so happen to be the Yankees and Red Sox. The rivalry is back! Also the rest of the MLB is starting to shape up too. Lastly we briefly discuss the NBA finals.

As always thanks for listening!

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Friends, neighbors, Super Fans everywhere… This is Episode 14. Do you guys remember the show Frasier? Well, I happened to catch a rerun and remember just how good a show it is. We spent the first segment discussing a new sitcom idea. Hmm we might just pitch it.

This week is draft week, and since we didn’t do our own draft board we decided to discuss some of the prop bets. We also spent some time talking about some of the players offseason behavior. Could these guy benefit from a psychiatrist? It couldn’t hurt right?

With the shows first audible at the last second we bring up college football. Alabama football to be exact. This week was the A day game in Tuscaloosa, and in the week leading up to it Jalen Hurts dad made some very interesting comments about his son’s future. Both of the Super Fans take issue with a couple things regarding the comments.

Thanks for listening!

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Friends, Neighbors, Super Fans every where this is Episode 13! 

This week the Super Fans are together in the same room for the first time recording the show. (this could get out of control) Every time Wes and I get together we have a good time. The difference this time is we have hot mics in front of us. So, be for warned.

Also, for the first time on the show we have a special guest. Thats right there are more than 2 super fans out there. Andy Browning (my brother) joined us and allowed us to set up studio in his dinning room. He has spent a lot of time learning and master the art of leather. So if you need a gift idea be sure to hit him up!

We are far enough into baseball to get an idea of what teams are made of, and there are several surprises. We think that the whole National league is a surprise. Of course I new all along that the Red Sox would dominate. And the Angels might actually have the next Babe Ruth. (ha not yet)

Finally, everyone needs to just calm down about Lebron James. It’s only one game. The NBA playoffs are underway and we’re looking forward to watching them as they heat up.

As always thanks for listening

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Friends, neighbors, and Super Fans everywhere…. This is Episode 12. The beginning of the show you get a glimpse into how the Super Fans got their start. We all know that you were rooting for Patrick Reed to miss a shot, but it never happened. How did he not just breakdown? Even though Reed never fell apart it was still a great Masters Tournament. 

Baseball has had a couple of surprising teams. The Dodgers are not playing well and the Pirates and Mets are. Also, Stanton kind of looks like he is having some trouble adjusting to a winning team.

As always thanks for listening!

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Friends, neighbors, and Super Fans everywhere this is Episode 11: The one with Condiments

First, Wes explains the battle him and his neighbor are having with a bird. Apparently there is a bird that is purposely relieving itself on their cars. We have a couple of ideas to get rid of the bird none of which animal lovers will like.

Well, the baseball season is finally here, and the Super Fans could not be more excited. We may only be 5 games in, but we are going to talk about teams that are exceeding and disappointing us right now. Are the Pirates really undefeated? Are the Dodgers in trouble? We also talk about how our fantasy teams are doing.

Next, we discuss this weeks sports headlines. Villanova pulled it out and cut down the net. How dare Michigan take out Sister Jean? Also, I have permanently changed Loyola-Chicago’s mascot to the Sister Jeans. It’s The Masters week. Where will Tiger finish? Will he make the cut? It should be an interesting tournament.

Finally we debate the condiments that are must haves and the condiments that should be banned. This did get somewhat heated, and Wes and I do disagree on a few of condiments that were brought up. Mustard is a perfectly acceptable condiment and I stand by my decision to put it in the top 3.

This is our show. Thanks for listening! 

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Friends, neighbors, Super Fans everywhere this is Episode 10. We made it to double digits! When Wes and I first discussed the idea of doing a podcast we both had our doubts on if this would actually happen. Well, here we are and we’re having a great time.  Who knew? 

First, we discuss our fantasy baseball draft. Wes’ starting rotation is killer how and why did we allow that to happen? My draft strategy changed after round 3 and I think I ended up with 3 of the top 5 closers in the league. It will be interesting to see how our fantasy teams fair throughout the season.

Next, we bring back the top 10 list. This list was the top 10 Baseball phrases that sound dirty… bur are not. I hope you enjoy.

Finally, the Super Fans predict the playoffs for the MLB. Also, we throw out a couple bold predictions. 

We are super excited for baseball to be back, and we hope all of your teams play well unless they are playing ours!  

Thanks for Listening!

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Friends, neighbors, and Super Fans everywhere… This is Episode 9!
First, I had the thought the other day when I was taking out the garbage. When I went to replace the bag I pulled the last bag from the box, and I thought, ” well, isn’t this interesting? I’m taking the bag out of the box and putting the box in the bag.” Another question I had this week was why did the store give me such a big bag for my small item?

Second, is your basket as messed up as ours? It is? Good. Out of the remaining teams left we discuss who has the best chance to win the tourney. We have a 7-11 match up and 5-9 match up. Could we have a true cindarella story this year? Or, will one of the remaining number 1s put everyone back in their place?

Finally, the NFL offseason is shaping up to be one of the most interesting offseason in recent years. Also, we are starting to get a pretty good draft picture. Why do teams keep drafting QBs so early in the draft when none of them are panning out? So, NFL is addressing the catch rule? Before you waste a lot of time let me just tell you it’s not going to get any better while we have instant replay. The problem is I’m not sure there is a way to make everyone happy.

Thanks for listening Super Fans! Be sure to leave us a comment if you have any ideas suggestions or just want to say hi.

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It’s a new show for the Super Fans, and this week one of the Super Fans has a brief run-in with a stage 4 clinger. The clinger scale is based on a 1-5 with 5 being the most dangerous of all clingers. Now I feel I need to define a couple things in the story. So, a clinger is just someone that moves a little too fast in the relationship that it makes the other party, in said relationship, uncomfortable. Also, relationship is not necessarily referring to an intimate relationship. With all that said, one of the Super Fans was able to spot the signs of the clinger, and avoid disaster.

March Madness is here and its time to fill out your brackets! Are you ready for the chaos that will be your bracket this year. The parody in college basketball this year is going to make for an interesting March. We discuss a few matchups that we are interested in watching, and review our Elite 8 down to the Championship. 

So, the NFL offseason is actually interesting this year, and we’re not even at the draft yet. What are some of the best moves so far, and who is going to be drafted first?

This is our show… Thanks for listening!

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Mondays!? Am I right? We all have had that Monday that just kicked our butt! Well, it happened this week to one of the Super Fans. As well this week, Super Fans, we are introducing a new segment called ” I’ll drink to that or Go home you’re drunk.” It is our take on the segment ” buy or sell.” We had to come up with a few sports predictions, and we have to decide if we would drink to it or if the other Super Fans should go home because he is drunk. Some of the topics include baseball, basketball and soccer. Also, this week we discuss a couple social etiquette faux pas. For example: are you an over or and under, and what is proper distance to hold the door open for someone. This is our show. Thanks for listening!

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