Episode 14: The one with Frasier

Friends, neighbors, Super Fans everywhere… This is Episode 14. Do you guys remember the show Frasier? Well, I happened to catch a rerun and remember just how good a show it is. We spent the first segment discussing a new sitcom idea. Hmm we might just pitch it.

This week is draft week, and since we didn’t do our own draft board we decided to discuss some of the prop bets. We also spent some time talking about some of the players offseason behavior. Could these guy benefit from a psychiatrist? It couldn’t hurt right?

With the shows first audible at the last second we bring up college football. Alabama football to be exact. This week was the A day game in Tuscaloosa, and in the week leading up to it Jalen Hurts dad made some very interesting comments about his son’s future. Both of the Super Fans take issue with a couple things regarding the comments.

Thanks for listening!

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