Episode 17: The one with my Wingery

Friends, neighbors, Super Fans everywhere… This is Episode 17.

This week starts with a question… Are you a flats guy or a drums guy. I am a flats guy for some reason they are easier and cleaner to eat. Wes, however, is a drums guy. I feel like I might be the in the minority on this one, but at least I’m not an under! We also recap the fantasy Baseball showdown between Wes and I. Last week my team was dominating, but after the show the score swung the other way and Wes was dominating. But in the end some how, it ended in a tie 8-8. It was an epic battle and probably a playoff preview.

Next, both NBA conference finals are tied 2-2. This got me thinking what is the most vital game in a best of 7 series? We both agree that all odd numbered games are more important than the even numbers. Wes went with game 3, but I think its game 5. We also, discussed ESPN’s 2018 World Fame 100. This is a list of the 100 most famous athletes in the world. How is there not 1 baseball player on this list? I get that it’s not the most popular sport,  but you have 2 table tennis players and a badminton player on the list. There is no way they make the list and someone like Mike Trout doesn’t.

Finally we have a quick Bar Room Debate. What are the 3 best and 3 worst songs with names in them. Have a listen and let us know what your top and bottom songs would be.

Thanks for listening!

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