Friends, neighbors, and Super Fans everywhere… This is Episode 9!
First, I had the thought the other day when I was taking out the garbage. When I went to replace the bag I pulled the last bag from the box, and I thought, ” well, isn’t this interesting? I’m taking the bag out of the box and putting the box in the bag.” Another question I had this week was why did the store give me such a big bag for my small item?

Second, is your basket as messed up as ours? It is? Good. Out of the remaining teams left we discuss who has the best chance to win the tourney. We have a 7-11 match up and 5-9 match up. Could we have a true cindarella story this year? Or, will one of the remaining number 1s put everyone back in their place?

Finally, the NFL offseason is shaping up to be one of the most interesting offseason in recent years. Also, we are starting to get a pretty good draft picture. Why do teams keep drafting QBs so early in the draft when none of them are panning out? So, NFL is addressing the catch rule? Before you waste a lot of time let me just tell you it’s not going to get any better while we have instant replay. The problem is I’m not sure there is a way to make everyone happy.

Thanks for listening Super Fans! Be sure to leave us a comment if you have any ideas suggestions or just want to say hi.

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It’s a new show for the Super Fans, and this week one of the Super Fans has a brief run-in with a stage 4 clinger. The clinger scale is based on a 1-5 with 5 being the most dangerous of all clingers. Now I feel I need to define a couple things in the story. So, a clinger is just someone that moves a little too fast in the relationship that it makes the other party, in said relationship, uncomfortable. Also, relationship is not necessarily referring to an intimate relationship. With all that said, one of the Super Fans was able to spot the signs of the clinger, and avoid disaster.

March Madness is here and its time to fill out your brackets! Are you ready for the chaos that will be your bracket this year. The parody in college basketball this year is going to make for an interesting March. We discuss a few matchups that we are interested in watching, and review our Elite 8 down to the Championship. 

So, the NFL offseason is actually interesting this year, and we’re not even at the draft yet. What are some of the best moves so far, and who is going to be drafted first?

This is our show… Thanks for listening!

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Mondays!? Am I right? We all have had that Monday that just kicked our butt! Well, it happened this week to one of the Super Fans. As well this week, Super Fans, we are introducing a new segment called ” I’ll drink to that or Go home you’re drunk.” It is our take on the segment ” buy or sell.” We had to come up with a few sports predictions, and we have to decide if we would drink to it or if the other Super Fans should go home because he is drunk. Some of the topics include baseball, basketball and soccer. Also, this week we discuss a couple social etiquette faux pas. For example: are you an over or and under, and what is proper distance to hold the door open for someone. This is our show. Thanks for listening!

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