Friends, Neighbors, Super Fans every where this is Episode 13! 

This week the Super Fans are together in the same room for the first time recording the show. (this could get out of control) Every time Wes and I get together we have a good time. The difference this time is we have hot mics in front of us. So, be for warned.

Also, for the first time on the show we have a special guest. Thats right there are more than 2 super fans out there. Andy Browning (my brother) joined us and allowed us to set up studio in his dinning room. He has spent a lot of time learning and master the art of leather. So if you need a gift idea be sure to hit him up!

We are far enough into baseball to get an idea of what teams are made of, and there are several surprises. We think that the whole National league is a surprise. Of course I new all along that the Red Sox would dominate. And the Angels might actually have the next Babe Ruth. (ha not yet)

Finally, everyone needs to just calm down about Lebron James. It’s only one game. The NBA playoffs are underway and we’re looking forward to watching them as they heat up.

As always thanks for listening

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Friends, neighbors, Super Fans everywhere this is Episode 10. We made it to double digits! When Wes and I first discussed the idea of doing a podcast we both had our doubts on if this would actually happen. Well, here we are and we’re having a great time.  Who knew? 

First, we discuss our fantasy baseball draft. Wes’ starting rotation is killer how and why did we allow that to happen? My draft strategy changed after round 3 and I think I ended up with 3 of the top 5 closers in the league. It will be interesting to see how our fantasy teams fair throughout the season.

Next, we bring back the top 10 list. This list was the top 10 Baseball phrases that sound dirty… bur are not. I hope you enjoy.

Finally, the Super Fans predict the playoffs for the MLB. Also, we throw out a couple bold predictions. 

We are super excited for baseball to be back, and we hope all of your teams play well unless they are playing ours!  

Thanks for Listening!

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