Friends, neighbors, and Super Fans everywhere this is Episode 11: The one with Condiments

First, Wes explains the battle him and his neighbor are having with a bird. Apparently there is a bird that is purposely relieving itself on their cars. We have a couple of ideas to get rid of the bird none of which animal lovers will like.

Well, the baseball season is finally here, and the Super Fans could not be more excited. We may only be 5 games in, but we are going to talk about teams that are exceeding and disappointing us right now. Are the Pirates really undefeated? Are the Dodgers in trouble? We also talk about how our fantasy teams are doing.

Next, we discuss this weeks sports headlines. Villanova pulled it out and cut down the net. How dare Michigan take out Sister Jean? Also, I have permanently changed Loyola-Chicago’s mascot to the Sister Jeans. It’s The Masters week. Where will Tiger finish? Will he make the cut? It should be an interesting tournament.

Finally we debate the condiments that are must haves and the condiments that should be banned. This did get somewhat heated, and Wes and I do disagree on a few of condiments that were brought up. Mustard is a perfectly acceptable condiment and I stand by my decision to put it in the top 3.

This is our show. Thanks for listening! 

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Friends, neighbors, Super Fans everywhere this is Episode 10. We made it to double digits! When Wes and I first discussed the idea of doing a podcast we both had our doubts on if this would actually happen. Well, here we are and we’re having a great time.  Who knew? 

First, we discuss our fantasy baseball draft. Wes’ starting rotation is killer how and why did we allow that to happen? My draft strategy changed after round 3 and I think I ended up with 3 of the top 5 closers in the league. It will be interesting to see how our fantasy teams fair throughout the season.

Next, we bring back the top 10 list. This list was the top 10 Baseball phrases that sound dirty… bur are not. I hope you enjoy.

Finally, the Super Fans predict the playoffs for the MLB. Also, we throw out a couple bold predictions. 

We are super excited for baseball to be back, and we hope all of your teams play well unless they are playing ours!  

Thanks for Listening!

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